Church Membership

When a person puts their faith in Jesus Christ, that person is born spiritually into God's family. Through the work of God's Holy Spirit, they become a member of the body of Christ (1 Cor. 12:13). Being united to Christ and the other members of his body qualifies a believer to become a member of a local church, which is an expression of that body.

Becoming a member of Grace Harbor is entering into a covenant relationship with this body of believers who have joined together for the purposes God has given in His Word. These purposes include receiving instruction from God’s Word (1 Tim. 4:132 Tim. 4:2), serving and building one another up through the proper use of biblical spiritual gifts (Rom. 12:3-81 Cor. 12:4-311 Pet. 4:10-11), participating in the ordinances of baptism and the communion of the Lord's supper (Luke 22:19Acts 2:38-42), and sharing the gospel with those who are lost (Matt. 28:18- 20).


Becoming a member of Grace Harbor also includes submitting to the care and the authority of biblically qualified pastors and elders that God has placed as spiritual shepherds.

Your first step is to communicate your desire to become a member of Grace Harbor. One way would be by checking the appropriate box and returning the information sheet found in the bulletin distributed at the church services. Someone will then contact you to schedule either a personal interview or a meeting with other applicants with pastors or elders.  Be prepared to describe your own personal spiritual journey with those who will rejoice with you that God has brought you to this place in your life. Your story should include the time and circumstances when you put your faith in Christ,  a description of what that means to you now, and the fact that you were baptized following your decision of faith. Even if all these steps have not yet been taken, you are on the right track and every effort will be made to meet you where you are in your spiritual journey and help you move along in the path of obedience.

Last Published: September 13, 2016 2:26 PM
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